Plastic in our Watershed

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About Us

            This website is created by Afrah Rafi, Daniya Iqbal, and Kanchan Suresh. We attended a summer course in the summer of 2016 called the STEM Summer Experience. It was a science program that focused on the Housatonic watershed in Connecticut, which is the watershed we live in. We went to various field trips such as going to aquariums and going on hikes. At the end of the two week program we were required to do a stewardship of the Housatonic watershed project. Our task was to create a tri-fold board presentation. We also were asked to be creative so our group decided we make this website to educate people about plastic and encourage them to find other ways. We also made flyers to give people that will direct them to this website. But the program wasn't just about doing a project in one summer and then forgetting about it. This program was about doing something to positively change the Housatonic watershed and carry it on for the rest of our lives. By the end of this program we really felt that we needed to change the watershed for the better.

housatonic river

This map show the housatonic river which is a big part of the housatonic water that we live in.