Plastic in our Watershed

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Plastic in our World

It's probably not the first time that you have  heard someone say that plastic is harmful for our environment. It may even be familiar to you that plastic causes many problems to your watershed. But do you really know why plastic can be so bad? Well there are multiple reasons why plastic is so harmful. One reason is that plastic is not a biodegradable  material. This means that it takes a very long time for plastic to break down and decompose . The problem with this, is that plastic can stay in big pieces for a very long time,which causes a lot of damage to animals. 

As more and more people realize how bad some of the things we do are damaging the environment, more people try to come up with alternatives to the harmful things we do. We can do the same for plastic! You can use alternatives to some everyday plastic items. When you do, you might be surprised at how much you rely on plastic. Here are some alternatives to plastic that you can start using right now!

Plastic item                                  Alternative


plastic bags                               cloth bags 

plastic containers                        glass containers

plastic  bottle                              reusable  bottle

(disposable)                               ceramic plates

plastic cutlery                              or silverware